T&G FoodS


Established in 1962, ENZAFOODS New Zealand is a market-leading, vertically integrated fruit ingredient and fruit & vegetable juice producer. The company is involved in processing, marketing and distribution of fruit & vegetable products across New Zealand and to the wider global market. In addition, ENZAFOODS operates a contract packing and processing operation that produces quality products for customers.

ENZAFOODS promotes a broad range of fruit & vegetable products from juice concentrate and aromas through to sliced, diced and pureed pouch packs. All products are marketed into wide range of businesses, professional catering industry and value-added food ingredients users. We supply high end fruit derivative products into supermarkets and other retail food outlets in addition to servicing the needs of foodservice customers.

More information can be found at www.enzafoods.co.nz


Established in Australia in 1990, T&G Fruitmark trades internationally in processed fruit and vegetable products for the food manufacturing and fruit based beverage markets. Our primary products include concentrates, dehydrated fruits, frozen fruits and purees, fruit solids and fresh cut salads.

We pride ourselves on our international reputation for service and our ability to source quality fruit and fruit products from around the world.

More information can be found at www.fruitmark.com