Grow your world with T&G

Getting the freshest food grown and delivered daily takes a combined effort by a diverse range of people with wide ranging skills.

That’s why the opportunities at T&G are varied and broad, covering everything from growing fresh fruit and vegetables to global marketing, sales to seasonal roles, digital design and transportation.

If you want to grow your world and ours, this is a great place to start.

Those that join us are part of a global team with a strong mindset of being grounded, resilient, open and willing.  We’ve got offices in the UK, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australasia and Fiji offering the chance of local and international growth. We offer internal and external training, as well as on-the-job, through our own T&G Learning Academy. If you’re looking for study support, we provide an annual $5,000 undergraduate Massey University scholarship to support a full-time student studying for a three-year horticultural-based degree.

People around the globe enjoy the fruits of our labour including JAZZ™, Envy™ and Pacific Rose™ apples, Beekist and Ruby tomatoes, the FruitHitz range of drinks for children and many more.

Like our fruit and vegetable basket, the roles are T&G are diverse and offer something for everyone.
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There are many reasons why choosing to work with T&G Global could be the best career move you ever make. We span the globe with employees in the UK, France, Belgium, Canada, the US, Peru, Asia and Australia, as well as throughout New Zealand.

Diverse Roles

Fresh, healthy produce may be at the heart of our business, but the roles we offer stretch into many different areas: IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Logistics, and Seasonal Jobs… all these and more are part of our operations.

Career Advancement

We’re committed to being a great company to work for. That includes the highest professional standards, great working environments and the right pathways to advance your career, such as our learning academy (see below).

Our Brands

T&G Global is the parent of many famous brand names. From ENZA and Kerifresh to NZ’s largest producer of tomatoes, Delica, our brands are part of New Zealand history and known worldwide.

T&G Learning Academy

Internal & external training opportunities and structured on-the-job training are all part of the picture when you work at T&G, thanks to our dedicated Learning Academy.

Our Values

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than a page in the annual report. From the sustainability of our operations to the diversity of our workforce; from our Employee Assistance Programme to our work in the community, doing the right thing is part & parcel of life at T&G Global.

Our Policies

Our recruitment policies aim to create a productive, sustainable workforce. These include nurturing diversity (we have over 30 different cultures represented in the business) and retaining staff. To take care of our employees, seasonal workers and visitors we also have strict policies on health & safety, to ensure everyone gets to go home safe at the end of every day.

Employee Benefits

As well as working with a great team of people all employees can look forward to: discounted Southern Cross health insurance, confidential counselling on personal issues through our Employee Assistance Programme, a staff purchase account for fresh produce, free on-site parking, and free issue of staff uniform and protective gear.


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