Is it possible to purchase fresh produce directly from Turners & Growers?

Yes, provided you have an account with us. For details on how to open an account please contact helpinghand@tandg.global

I am considering growing produce commercially, who can I contact to obtain market information?

If you are planning to set-up a growing operation, our recommendation would be to contact NZ Vegetable Federation Inc and/or NZ Fruit Federation directly. www.vegfed.co.nz www.fruitgrowers.org.nz

I am a teacher, can I get resources such as posters from you?

For excellent educational resources we recommend contacting the New Zealand 5+ a day office, freephone 0800 507 555 (calling within New Zealand).

What is Controlled Atmosphere storage?

Controlled Atmosphere storage, C.A., is a post harvest storage technique designed to preserve fruit quality over an extended window, that has been successfully used by New Zealand fruit growers since the early 1980s. CA works on the basic principle of slowing the apples respiration and hence preserving storage longevity. To do this fruit is selected of optimum maturity by growers, cooled to storage temperature (0.5 deg Celsius) and then placed within 7 days of harvest into CA. CA rooms have nitrogen generators which upon flushing the room generate a atmosphere of 96% nitrogen, 2% oxygen and 2 %carbon dioxide (note the air we breath outside is 21% oxygen, 0.3 % carbon dioxide, balance nitrogen and water vapour). Fruit use oxygen during respiration and by combing a lower temperature and lower oxygen rates, the rate of respiration is slowed, and hence the conversion of the fruits energy (starch) is slowed, allowing for a longer storage life.

Do I need to become certified to become a supplier with Turners and Growers?

No. It’s recommended but not compulsory to be Quality Assurance Certified if supplying the Turners and Growers Market, but you may be asked to by certain stores if your product is in demand and their policy requires it. Still acceptance of your product will still be at the discretion of that particular store.

I am currently working on an agriculture project for my year 13 agh/hort class which is based on the production processes and market forces involved in the production of carrots by a local Pukekohe grower. For the last part of this project I have to analyse how price affects the supply of carrots in the market. I was wondering whether you would be able to send me a general price received for carrots over the last few years.

Suggest trying NZ horticulture. They are the growers association and I would expect that they would have the information in their system.

Please feel free to contact us at helpinghand@tandg.global with any other questions.