We love the challenge of growing produce – it’s in our blood

– Harry Das

No one has a greater asset for their business than the pride in their work. This has been the driving force behind the Das family’s success in supplying New Zealand with high quality fresh produce for over 50 years.

Bhula Das started growing potatoes and greens from a mere four hectares in the 1950s which gradually grew to 190 hectares after his sons, Sam and Harry, joined the business in 1974.

The farm is now run solely by the two brothers who pride themselves in being unique and innovative growers, with a main focus on washed and brushed potatoes, spinach and lettuce as well as onions for international markets.

“When I think back to my childhood, one of the fondest memories I have was eating fish and chips in the field with the workers after a hard days work. Growing up on a farm has given us a great passion for fresh produce and the challenges that come with it,” says Sam.

The brothers have been working on the farm since they were 15 and 18 years old, but have been helping out since an early age.

“When we were kids we were woken up early in the morning before school to drive the tractor while the workers loaded the potatoes into the trailer. I learnt to drive a tractor when I was 10 years old,” remembers Harry.

Harry and Sam both have children who occasionally help out on the weekends by driving the tractors, planting and other general work. They encourage their children to find their own passion in life, even if it is not in the line of produce.

“Farming is a good living but it’s hard. We want our children to go out and see the world and do what makes them happy,” says Sam.

The Das family has been working with T&G since the 60s and it continues to be a strong relationship.

“T&G have a great reputation with following through with business and the service and accountability is outstanding,” says Harry.

B Das & Sons Ltd has cut back on land size and now farms 24 hectares in order to focus on providing high quality produce that they are passionate about.

“My father always said that produce should be sold on quality not name.”