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TAG Information

The TAG System has been designed to

  • Help buyers make informed produce purchases
  • Assist buyers in purchasing the quality of produce to meet their needs
  • Assist suppliers of quality product to be rewarded for their produce

It is a simple system, which requires suppliers to make a label claim on all the produce they market. The label claim is a guarantee to the buyer that the produce meets one of three standards. The system is self policing in that the buyer has a guarantee of quality standard; if this is not met, the buyer has a claim.

Where there is a dispute as to the label claim, there is provision for an authorised, independent quality assessor to decide whether the produce meets the label claim. IF not, the buyer can reject the goods.

The TAG system set a minimum standard (TAG 3) below which no produce can be marketed, to ensure that dumping of substandard product is eliminated.


No warranty or representation whatsoever regarding the produce is given or made by or on behalf of Turners & Growers Fresh Ltd (TGFL) or Market Gardeners LTD (MGL). Without limiting the generality of this clause, TGFL and MGL do not warrant or represent:

  1. that the produce is of the particular standard, quality or grade represented by the TAG or label;
  2. that the information on any TAG, label or container of produce is accurate.

New Zealand’s two leading companies (Turners & Growers Fresh and MG Marketing) have collaborated to develop the TAG system and ensure its smooth introduction. Please contact their sales staff for further information.


A simple three grade standard system has been developed as follows:

  • TAG1 – this is the first grade for top quality produce
  • TAG2 – this is the secondary grade for good quality produce
  • TAG3 – this is the minimum grade for acceptable quality produce

The Quality Standard sheets describe in detail the requirements, grade allowances and defect allowances for each product.

A key component of the TAG Quality System is the labelling of produce.

  • Labels must include the supplier’s name, physical address and a description of product by type and variety.
  • All produce must be labelled with the correct grade standard TAG1, TAG2, or TAG3 as determined by the quality standard specifications.
  • Suppliers who do not label their produce to these requirements will be subject to rejection of the produce.

At Turners & Growers, produce which has no TAG label will be subjected to a non compliance penalty of an additional $1.00 per package.



  • To introduce the system (after devising, funding, developing, communicating and consulting on the concept).
  • To refuse any produce unless each container carries one of the three label claims.
  • To assist in the system’s introduction.


  • To become familiar with the system and the specifications of all produce types to be marketed.
  • To organise packaging, labels and quality assurance systems.
  • To make label claims on every container of produce that is marketed.


  • To become familiar with the system and the specifications of all produce types to be bought.
  • To ensure that claims are made when produce appears to be out of grade.


About Online Services

Online Services is a free information service for Turners & Growers and FCC customers. Our aim is to provide you with an easy to use business tool that will add value to your business and is accessible to you 24 hours a day. Our online service is available to any grower with access to the internet. It is easy to use and is a secure site where only you can access your own information. Once online you can access invoice copies and prices achieved.

All of our traditional channels will remain available to you, but over time several new services will be introduced that can only be obtained via this portal.

If you have more than one account code with Turners and Growers, eg you have a Grower account and a Buyer account, or you have multiple Buyer accounts or Grower accounts – you need only complete the Registration Form ONCE. After you have completed this initial Registration for Online Services, you are directed to contact Customer Services to grant you access to any specific service for any specific code.

If at another time, you wish to access another Service or add another of your codes, you simply contact Customer Services again.

Each time you add a service or a code you will be asked to provide information to verify your identity.


Once you have an account for Online Services, you may contact us to add any of the following services. Please click on any service to see information on that service.

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