In common usage, “berry” refers to any small edible fruit—usually juicy, colourful, sweet or sour, and without a pit, though it may have small seeds, but these days they are most commonly referred to as ‘Superfoods’.

Berries are rich in vitamin C and, depending upon the type of berry, potassium and pectin, a type of soluble fibre that helps lower cholesterol. Most berries also provide a wide range of phytochemicals, including anthocyanins, which give berries their intense colour and may act as antioxidants in the body.

T&G is currently positioning itself for growth in the Berryfruit category with its own farms, complimenting existing long standing marketing partnerships with growers in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Peru, and North America.


Blueberries are celebrated in the summer months, adorning deserts, baked into muffins or blended into a vibrant smoothie– that’s if they aren’t eaten fresh from the punnet first. Blueberries are considered one of nature’s superfood, and are well known for their high antioxidant content. They are also packed full of Fiber, potassium, folate, Vitamins C and B6.

We supply a full range of blueberry varieties including southern high bush, northern high bush and rabbit eye.

In New Zealand; blueberries are grown in Kerikeri (Northland), Waikato and Hawkes Bay and sold domestically as well as throughout Asia and Australia. Internationally we work with blueberry growers in Chile and Peru, North America and Australia


Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world and are a great signal that the weather is about to get better! They are the first fruit to ripen in spring taking only two weeks to mature from flower to fruit.

The main variety of strawberry found in New Zealand is Pajaro, which was selected for its bright colour, large size, and sweetness. New Zealand strawberries are mostly grown in the North Island with the season starting in November going through to February. Through this period strawberries are exported into Asia, mainly China. As strawberries are picked ripe and are have a short shelf life, time is of the essence when it comes to exports- it takes T&G approximately 48 hours to get strawberries from New Zealand to retails stores in Asia. T&G sources strawberries in North America that are sold throughout the US and internationally.


KiwiBerry are a nutritional powerhouse, as they are the most nutrient dense of all the major fruits. Containing almost 20 vital nutrients, NZ KiwiBerry are considered a "super snack"!

They are rich in antioxidants which are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and help slow the aging process, to name just a few benefits.

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