Citrus is renowned over the winter months not only for its bursting flavor but for its high vitamin C content and ability to help protect us from illness. T&G, with the help of third party growers, grow and supply oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, grapefruit and tangelos all over the world.

T&G is NZ’s largest citrus grower and integrated marketer, growing Mandarin, Lemons and Navel Oranges in Kerikeri and Gisborne, and has contracted supply partnerships with a further 53 growers in the Gisborne region. In January 2014, T&G Citrus entered into a supply, marketing and packing partnership with Kaiaponi farms, increasing T&G’s volume to 60% of the national Citrus crop. T&G has packing and coolstore facilities in both major citrus growing regions.

New Zealand grown product is sold domestically as well as into Australia, Japan and China. Internationally we work with growers in Australia, North America and South America, selling and marketing their premium products throughout Asia and beyond.


Satsuma mandarins are a favourite around the world, as they are deliciously juicy, seedless and their loose skin makes them easy to peel. Like most citrus fruit, mandarins are a great source of Vitamin C, they are also high in Vitamin A and iron. Sun is extremely important for the satsuma trees, as they need between 8-10 hours of sunlight a day to thrive

In New Zealand satsuma mandarins are the most commonly grown and are harvested between May and August and sold throughout the winter months. T&G have a short export programme starting in May that is mostly into Japan. Other common varieties of mandarins include; encore and Richards Special.


Navel oranges are by far the most common variety of orange; they are better for eating rather than juicing, as they peel easily and are mostly seedless. Fun Fact; Navel oranges are named for the little button at the bottom of the fruit resembling a belly button. Navel Oranges are harvested from July to October and have a small explorative export programme into China throughout July.

Valencia another sweet orange that is better for juicing rather than eaten fresh; while still delicious, they can be messy. Valencia was discovered in Spain hence the name. New Zealand grown product is available from October to February domestically with small quantities sold into China through October.


Lemons are a kitchen must have; the acidic sourness that lemons contain plays off either savory or sweet flavors to enhance or counterbalance the overall meal perfectly. Lemons have a multitude of uses outside of cuisine and are commonly used for at home beauty produces and cleaning. This is because of the high levels of Citric acid that they contain.

Meyer lemons are a cross between a traditional lemon and a mandarin; this makes them the sweetest lemon variety. They have thin bright yellow skin and are full of juicy making them great for deserts. New Zealand product is harvested from April to August with a successful export programme into Japan over this time.

Yen Ben Lemons are bright yellow in colour with a thick skin and very few seeds. They are the classic lemon tart flavor making them great for baking and drinks. Yen Ben lemons can be harvested year round as each tree produces multiple crops per year. Each tree has four generations of fruit at any one time; lemons to be picked, those that are green, flowering and budding. The bulk of Lemons are harvested over April to August and available both domestically and exported to Japan, China and Australia.


The Sunfirst Citrus brand has a full range of Gisborne grown fruit including oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, grapefruit and tangelos.

Gisborne is where the sun rises first, it has great amount of sunshine and dry heat that allows citrus to thrive and flavors become more enhanced. We use a collective of growers that have the best growing practices and quality to only the best fruit arrives to you.

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