Table Grapes are intended to be consumed while fresh, and are perfect on their own, or incorporated into recipes such as salads or fruit platters.

T&G are a major player in the Global Table Grape category, with operations spanning 7 countries 12 months of the year.  T&G sells close to 2m cartons (15,000 tonnes) of Table grapes each year with the largest volume coming from Peru and Australia, followed closely by the USA and Chile.

We have staff members in each growing region to maintain relationships with growers and help prevent quality issues before shipping ensuring our customers are delivered the best quality grapes.


We offer the full range of varieties, these include green, red, black seedless, as well as Red globes which are the most common variety shipped to Asia markets. Please check with our grapes team for more specific information related to the different growing regions.


Australia grows some of the finest and sweetest tasting grapes in the world! The Crimson seedless have captured the hearts and taste buds of many customers and markets worldwide, nothing more so than in China, where Australian crimson is King.

Available: January – May
Growing Regions: Mildura/Robinvale
Main Labels: Delica, Big Crunch, Grapeland, United

North America


The US Table Grape industry produces around 110-120 million boxes a year, with around 35-40% exported to 50 countries each year. T&G works with a range of large growers (5-10 million boxes) medium growers (1-4 million boxes) and small growers (< 1 million). We select the best varieties available and combine manifests from multiple growers to give our customers the best value each week. We have access to a range of proprietary varieties, as well as the ever-expanding new variety selection we are seeing each year in California.

Available: July - November
Growing Regions: Coachella, Bakersfield/Delano
Main Labels: Sun World, Grape King, Patricia, Mr KK, VBZ, Top Brass, Air Chief, Joseph, Lajolla, Sandrini, Sun View


The Mexico Table Grape season is short and fast, with majority of the volume being harvested in an 8-week period. T&G works with two of the biggest growers in Mexico, which means access to volume is never an issue. We also have a range of smaller growers we select varieties from for niche markets. Mexico has some of the highest temperatures any grape growing region faces, which means you need to have a very experienced and robust quality control team in place that T&G has.

Available: May – July
Growing Regions: Hermosillo
Main Labels: Molina, Grape Man, Sun World, Alta

South America


Trading in Peru Grapes since 2005 we have vast experience and knowledge of the Peruvian grape industry and can offer to all major global markets. We have an excellent team of sales, quality control and admin staff based in Peru and who all speak English. From November 2016 T&G is proud to be able to offer Grapes from our own farm, purchased in 2014. Our volumes will increase from 2017 onwards to become an important part of our Peru Grape offer.

Available: October - February
Growing Regions: North – Piura Region and South – ICA Region
Main Labels: Ecovid, Qilin, Golden Mustang, Delica, Xofi, Chicha, Nuna, Allegria


We source Grapes from all the main growing regions in Chile, beginning in Copiapo in the north to Curico in the South meaning we can offer nearly 6 months of Chilean supply. We are very proud to work with some of the best growers and packers in Chile including Unifrutti, Rio Blanco, David Del Curto to name a few, and can offer the full range of varieties including many new proprietary varieties such as Sunworld, IFG and Sheehan series.

Available: January - June
Growing Regions: Supply All major regions
Main Labels: Unifrutti, Rio Blanco, David Del Curto, DELICA etc

South Africa

In South Africa we work with a small group of good growers and suppliers in the Northern regions as well as the South, enabling us to supply grapes for about five months of the year. The South African grape industry is well established with a mix of varieties catered to all markets. The early regions in the North produce great quality green and black seedless while the later regions in the South have large volumes of Crimson.

Available: November - March
Growing Regions: Namibia, Orange River, Elephant River/Trawal, Berg River/Paarl, Hex River/De Doorns
Main Labels: Pitto, Tripple D, Dippenaar, Sheehan, Tweespruit

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