A healthy addition is set to headline Elle Fashion Week 2017 in Bangkok for the first time this season.

Envy™, recently voted the favourite apple of Americans, and an increasingly popular healthy snack across Asia, has become the official drink and snack of Elle Fashion Week.

The sweet and crunchy apple will make its debut at Elle Fashion Week from 30 August – 3 September.

A purpose-built photo booth will enable fashionistas to share their healthy interaction with Envy™ through social media platforms and #biteandbelieve

Bagged, sliced fresh apples, and delicious Envy™ mocktails, will make it easier for fashion-goers to take a bite of an apple that has rapidly become the envy of others.

Born in New Zealand, and grown by T&G Global, Envy™ is now harvested in both hemispheres to keep up with increasing demand.

T&G’s regional manager, Victor Anderson says he’s excited to be showcasing Envy™ at Elle Fashion Week. “We take real pride in growing and delivering an apple that invigorates the senses and delivers great flavour. We’re equally delighted to be making a healthy addition to Elle Fashion Week given the show’s focus on trends. Wellbeing is certainly a hot topic and something we are hugely passionate about supporting through our fresh apples and produce.”

ELLE Fashion Week Fall/Winter is held in the heart of Bangkok’s most fashionable district, on the main outdoor plaza of Central World shopping complex. Attendance is by invitation only with fashion opinion leaders, media and design students among the guest list. Now in its 18th year, this year’s event will showcase contemporary fashion designers including new-comers looking to break into the industry – for the first time that includes an apple.

T&G is New Zealand’s largest exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables with a global presence including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and China. Envy™ is one of the company’s biggest brands and a natural hybrid of the Royal Gala and Braeburn varieties.