Welcome to
T&G Fresh

For more than 125 years, our T&G Fresh business has nourished generations of Kiwis with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our domestic Aotearoa New Zealand business grows, packs, markets, sells, distributes and exports fresh produce from our own orchards and farms, as well as from our 700 Kiwi growers.

Here’s what we do

Grow tomatoes, citrus and blueberries

Partner with independent growers throughout the country

Sell fresh produce on our market floors

Import and export fresh produce

Partner with the entire supply chain, including our network of retailers and foodservice partners

We’re always innovating

We’re always looking to the future: harnessing the best genetics, growing and creating exciting categories and high quality brands, and bringing them to market efficiently.

We’re proud to have helped shape communities in Aotearoa for over 120 years.

Produce and sales

We grow our own produce, and pack and sell on behalf of growers throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. Take a look.

Our brands

We grow, market and sell our own tomatoes, blueberries and citrus crops which are sold under brands Kiwis love, including the innovative brands Lotatoes™, Beekist™ and Classic™.