Our place

Papatūānuku, the earth mother, is where our business starts – with respect in our heart, and our hands in the soil. Our natural resources, knowledge and expertise help grow healthier futures through the fresh produce we grow and supply.

We’re committed to having a positive impact on our planet and here’s how we’re doing this.

Climate action

As a food producer, the climate is pivotal to growing fresh fruit and vegetables. However, as it changes with rising temperatures, reduced rainfall and increasing extreme weather events, it has the potential to disrupt our ability to produce nutritious food. We’re taking action by minimising the effect our operations have on the planet by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, harnessing clean energy and adapting with innovative solutions.

Closing the loop

There’s too much waste in the world, including food waste, so at T&G we want to close the loop. This means reusing or repurposing the resources we use to create and distribute food. As kaitiaki, we must do this, and we are. We’re using renewable materials in our packaging, addressing operational waste through continuous improvement, and diverting edible food away from waste or compost to help feed New Zealanders. This transition is a long journey, but we’re committed to it.

Lower impact, smarter growing

The world’s population is projected to be 9.8 billion by 2050, increasing global demand for food by over 50%. At the same time, water is becoming increasingly scarce, soil health is de-grading and biological diversity is being lost.

We’re investing in innovation to increase growing efficiency and protect and regenerate the health of our land and ecosystem.

2025 targets

Our place

Reduce GHG emissions* by 22% (T&G operations)
Progress: 10.2% reduction from the 2017 baseline. This includes reductions achieved from renewable electricity

Reduce energy consumption* by 11% (T&G operations)
Progress: 10.7% reduction in energy, closing in on our target

Polybags, punnets and PLU (price look up code) solutions introduced, aligned to T&G packaging guidelines
Progress: Guidelines introduced for own-brand packaging

Our people

We’re helping our whānau shine.

Our produce

We’re helping build thriving communities with safe, sustainable nutrition.