Our transport

We’re industry leaders in refrigerated produce transport and packaging, and are growing to become New Zealand’s first choice in transportation.

What we do

From our eight depots nationwide, our transport fleet daily services all main centres throughout New Zealand.

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Our locations


1 Clemow Drive, Mount Wellington,
Auckland 1060


39 Dakota Cresent, Sockburn,
Christchurch 8042


Pukete Industrial Estate
Kaimiro Street, Hamilton 3200


21 Rangitane Road, Whakatu,


484 Nayland Road,
Nelson 7011

Palmerston North

20 Mihaere Drive,
Palmerston North 4414


Stuart Road,
Pukekohe 2120


119 Maleme Street,
Tauranga 3112

Schedule finder

Origin Destination Arrives At
Auckland Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Auckland Hamilton 12:00am
Auckland Hastings 3:00am
Auckland Kerikeri 9:00am
Auckland New Plymouth 3:00am
Auckland Palmerston North 3:00am
Auckland Pukekohe 6:00am
Auckland Tauranga 3:00am
Auckland Wellington 4:30am
Auckland Whangarei 12:00pm
Origin Destination Arrives At
Christchurch Dunedin 2:00am
Christchurch Invercargill 6:00am
Christchurch Nelson 3:00am
Christchurch Palmerston North 10:00am
Origin Destination Arrives At
Hamilton Auckland 3:00am
Hamilton Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Hamilton Hastings 3:00am
Hamilton Kerikeri 9:00am
Hamilton New Plymouth 3:00am
Hamilton Palmerston North 3:00am
Hamilton Pukekohe 3:00am
Hamilton Tauranga 3:00am
Hamilton Wellington 5:00am
Hamilton Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Destination Arrives At
Hastings Auckland 3:00am
Hastings Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Hastings Hamilton 12:00am
Hastings Kerikeri 9:00am
Hastings New Plymouth 4:00am
Hastings Palmerston North 12:00am
Hastings Pukekohe 11:00am
Hastings Tauranga 3:00am
Hastings Wellington 3:00am
Hastings Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Destination Arrives At
Invercargill Christchurch 5:00am
Origin Destination Arrives At
Kerikeri Auckland 4:30pm
Kerikeri Auckland 12:00am
Kerikeri Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Kerikeri Hamilton 12:00am
Kerikeri Hastings 3:00am
Kerikeri New Plymouth 3:00am
Kerikeri Palmerston North 3:00am
Kerikeri Pukekohe 11:00am
Kerikeri Tauranga 3:00am
Kerikeri Wellington 4:30am
Kerikeri Whangarei 4:30am
Origin Destination Arrives At
Nelson Auckland 11:00am
Nelson Christchurch 3:00am
Nelson Christchurch 7:00pm
Palmerston North
Origin Destination Arrives At
Palmerston North Auckland 8:00pm
Palmerston North Auckland 1:00am
Palmerston North Christchurch 4:00pm
Palmerston North Hamilton 12:00am
Palmerston North Hastings 1:30am
Palmerston North Kerikeri 9:00am
Palmerston North New Plymouth 2:00am
Palmerston North Pukekohe 3:00am
Palmerston North Tauranga 3:00am
Palmerston North Wellington 3:00am
Palmerston North Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Destination Arrives At
Pukekohe Auckland 3:00am
Pukekohe Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Pukekohe Hamilton 12:00am
Pukekohe Hastings 3:00am
Pukekohe Kerikeri 9:00am
Pukekohe New Plymouth 3:00am
Pukekohe Palmerston North 3:00am
Pukekohe Tauranga 3:00am
Pukekohe Wellington 4:30am
Pukekohe Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Destination Arrives At
Tauranga Auckland 3:00am
Tauranga Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Tauranga Hamilton 12:00am
Tauranga Hastings 3:00am
Tauranga Kerikeri 9:00am
Tauranga New Plymouth 3:00am
Tauranga Palmerston North 3:00am
Tauranga Pukekohe 11:00am
Tauranga Wellington 4:30am
Tauranga Whangarei 4:00am

Fuel adjustment factor

Within island rate


01 December

Inter-island rate


01 December 2023

Contact us

If you’d like to speak to our Transport Team, please give them a call on 0800 141 257

If your enquiry is about another matter, please get in touch with our Customer Service team here.