Our produce and sales

We grow high quality tomatoes, citrus and blueberries, and partner with growers to pack and sell delicious produce across a range of categories.

We sell a wide variety of incredible apples; our premium brands Envy™ and JAZZ™, as well as other varieties including Pacific Rose™, Braeburn, Royal Gala and Fuji. Envy™ and JAZZ™ are our star international brands, which we grow in the Hawke’s Bay, Nelson and Otago, offering a superior taste and eating quality to consumers across the world.


We partner with a great selection of New Zealand growers to ensure we have a reliable supply of avocados year-round.


Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in New Zealand and we’re proud to provide Kiwis with a great selection of them. We exclusively sell and distribute some of the best banana brands including All Good™, Fyffes™ and Fruitadeli™.


Growing healthier futures means bringing kiwis high-quality, tastier, year-round berries. We grow our own blueberries and work with our independent growers to develop great-tasting, succulent, premium variety strawberries for our consumers.


We’re proud to partner with a range of growers in Central Otago who share the same love of premium, quality produce. Together we provide top quality cherries to our Kiwi consumers every season.


Our sunny, warm Kerikeri location in Northland is an ideal location for growing delicious mandarins, lemons and navel oranges. In fact, we’re the largest grower in the country, and with the help of our independent growers, we also supply limes, grapefruit and tangelos across New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.


Thanks to our global partners, we’re able to offer New Zealanders with a great selection of grapes almost year-round – this includes green, red and black seedless grapes.


We know how important leafy greens are for our consumers – which is why we partner with a diverse selection of passionate independent growers to provide a consistent and stable supply of delicious fresh greens.


We work with a range of independent growers from across the country, who supply us with high quality, nutritious root vegetables which we then pack and distribute to eager kiwis across New Zealand. 

Root Crops

We know how important it is to eat colourfully, so we’re committed to finding the best supply of delicious seasonal fruit. We provide a vast selection, from papayas, pineapples and pomegranate, through to persimmons, watermelon and more!

Seasonal fruit

Our five North Island glasshouses receive the perfect amount of sun and warmth to grow juicy tomatoes year-round. With the help of our hard-working kiwi bumble bees, we grow delicious tomatoes including our premium brand Beekist™ and – and when they’re just right, we freshly pick, pack and distribute them to tomato lovers across the country.


Grow with us

On behalf of our 1,200 independent New Zealand growers, our network of physical and digital markets sell their fresh fruit and vegetables to supermarkets, independent retailers and foodservice customers.

Food safety

Providing safe, high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables to our customers, consumers – not to mention, our own family and friends – is critical.

Everyone is responsible for this, including our own T&G whānau, our growers and our supply chain partners.

As part of our commitment to the highest standards of food safety, quality and assurance, our T&G Fresh business has a robust compliance programme and is accredited with food safety certifications. This includes GLOBALG.A.P certification, as well as GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P Risk Assessment on Social Practice).

What grows when?

We produce delicious fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. Here’s a handy growing calendar that explains what’s in season, and when.