Our brands

We grow, market and sell our own tomatoes, blueberries and citrus crops which are sold under brands Kiwis love, including the innovative brands Lotatoes™ and Beekist™.
Lotatoes™ are an award-winning Kiwi success story, and as a nation we love them. Lotatoes™ are a premium brand, offering consumers 40% fewer carbohydrates and with a growing cycle that’s 25% shorter than Agria or Rua potato varieties. That makes them a healthy choice, and better for the environment too as they use less water to grow.
Beekist® vine flowers are pollenated by bumble bees and come sustainably packed in a wide range of varieties, shapes and sizes; from the bite sized and bursting with flavour Angel® to Chef’s Selection® which features a combination of the best tasting tomatoes. All Beekist® tomatoes are hand-picked and rainwater irrigated. They have a delicious flavour profile and are a Kiwi favourite.
The Classic range brings you great tasting quality fresh produce every day. Locally grown in our back yard by dedicated growers, Classic is the fresh produce you grew up with and remain rooted in your memories.