The world’s warmest and largest country is set to enjoy a refreshing break with the arrival of JAZZ™ apples for the first time in six years.

A small consignment of JAZZ™ was first tested in 2012 with consumers saying they enjoyed their refreshing flavour and crunchiness given the high ambient temperatures in India. Fast-forward to today and a much larger volume has landed on the continent from Chile and South Africa having been grown by T&G’s grower partners to consistent export quality.

Importer Yupaa Fresh has a positive association with T&G since 1999 importing Red Delicious, Royal Gala and Fuji to date.

However, Simon Beck, T&G’s global commercial sales manager (pipfruit) says increasing demand for premium JAZZ™ in India demonstrates how the market is rapidly changing as the economy strengthens and consumers have more disposable income.

Parth Karvat, executive director and head of global procurement from Yupaa says the arrival of JAZZ™ is the second major pipfruit milestone for his company.

“Yupaa were the first to import apples into India with T&G. We have since increased and grown our business relations to the extent we now work with T&G’s global team in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Peru and Europe.”

Karvat says the incoming consignments of JAZZ™ will be sold through Yupaa’s strong network of wholesalers across more than 52 cities and towns in India.

“Some of the select markets will be targeted specifically who have appreciated this variety in the past and who demand the size profile that we’re working with this season which is slightly smaller than average. We’ll also be sampling JAZZ™ to wholesalers and retailers to enable them to confidentially promote it to their customers. Feedback so far about the arrival of JAZZ™ has been very positive and we’re working with our old existing JAZZ customers to re-develop the business. It’s an exciting time.”