Welcome to T&G Fresh!

T&G Fresh is the domestic business of T&G Global. It manages the production, sales and importing of all of T&G’s fresh produce sold in New Zealand.

Following our acquisition of Freshmax New Zealand’s domestic business, we joined the Freshmax business together with our New Zealand domestic business to create T&G Fresh.

T&G Fresh provides the backbone of New Zealand’s fresh fruit and vegetable infrastructure, and going forward we’ll reshape the New Zealand marketplace.

Our business spans the entire fruit and vegetable supply chain, from partnering with retailers, in-home delivery partners, foodservice providers and quick service restaurants to provide them with the brands and quality they need, right through to growing our own produce and working with over 1,000 growers in New Zealand and across the world.

From this strong foundation, we’ll invest in technology and infrastructure improvements to transform New Zealand’s fresh produce supply chain and these changes will benefit everyone.

Together, we’re excited for this next chapter. You can learn more about T&G Fresh here. And if you’d like to contact one of the team, please find their details below.

T&G Fresh Leadership Team

Chief Financial Officer
Tim Clarkson
HR Manager
Victoria Oarga
Director NZ Markets
Tom Wigley
Health & Safety Manager
Brenton Harrison
Director of Sales
Glen McCracken