Freshworx orchardT&G Global is supportive of Government decisions that mean more high-value horticultural crops will be harvested this coming season.

Craig Betty, Director Operations T&G Global, says allowing some highly skilled and experienced RSE workers into the country to work alongside Kiwis, will help the company harvest more produce, return higher-value export revenue to the country, and at the same time support our Pacific neighbours and their economies.

“As a company, we’re doing everything we can to recruit and train Kiwis to help with this year’s harvest. Hiring Kiwis is our top priority, so the Government’s additional financial support for unemployed Kiwis to take on seasonal work will no doubt help boost our recruitment activities.

“The Government’s recognition of the unique issues faced this season by the entire horticulture sector is greatly appreciated, and their announcement today will benefit the entire New Zealand sector and wider economy,” says Craig.

Over the past few months T&G has proactively worked with the Government and industry bodies to help raise awareness of the situation and propose potential solutions.