CroppedImage685327-Sampling-Britomart2Tuesday 17th of April marked the official opening of the New Zealand Jazz™ Apple season, and so far its shaping up to be the biggest and best yet!  To kick the season off with a bang, more than 2000 Jazz™ Apples were handed out to commuters at Britomart Train Station from 6.30am.  The sampling event was a huge success with many commuters recognizing the brand and commenting either on how much they loved Jazz Apples, or how happy they were the Jazz Apple season had started.

Following the sampling event at Britomart, miniature Jazz™ Apple boxes were dropped to key media people in Auckland including radio presenters, newspaper and magazine writers, foodies, and chefs.  This was done to create a buzz around Jazz™ Apples and to get people talking about Jazz to their family and friends, on the radio,  and in their online space whether it be a website, blog or their preferred form of social media.

The first Jazz™ Apple national radio advertising campaign starts next week and coincides with promotions at Countdown supermarkets starting the same time.  This season there will be plenty of competitions and promotions through our website ( and  social media ( and, as well as in various magazines and newspapers.  Also to keep an eye out for are exciting with other New Zealand artisan food producers and chefs that will be sure to make your mouth water!