Schedule Finder

Please note that all produce must be in the a depot a minimum of 1 hour prior to departure time.

Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Auckland 7:30pm Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Auckland 8:00pm Hamilton 12:00am
Auckland 8:00pm Hastings 3:00am
Auckland 2:00am Kerikeri 9:00am
Auckland 9:30pm New Plymouth 3:00am
Auckland 7:00pm Palmerston North 3:00am
Auckland 7:00pm Pukekohe 6:00am
Auckland 11:30pm Tauranga 3:00am
Auckland 7:00am Wellington 4:30am
Auckland 8:00pm Whangarei 12:00pm
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Christchurch 9:00pm Dunedin 6:00am
Christchurch 8:00pm Invercargill 2:00am
Christchurch 5:30pm Nelson 3:00am
Christchurch 6:00pm Palmerston North 10:00am
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Hamilton 7:00pm Auckland 3:00am
Hamilton 7:00pm Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Hamilton 9:00pm Hastings 3:00am
Hamilton 7:00pm Kerikeri 5:00am
Hamilton 10:00pm New Plymouth 3:00am
Hamilton 7:00pm Palmerston North 3:00am
Hamilton 12:00am Pukekohe 3:00am
Hamilton 12:00am Tauranga 3:00am
Hamilton 7:00pm Wellington 5:00am
Hamilton 7:00pm Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Hastings 6:00pm Auckland 3:00am
Hastings 6:00pm Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Hastings 6:00pm Hamilton 12:00am
Hastings 6:00pm Kerikeri 9:00am
Hastings 6:00pm New Plymouth 4:00am
Hastings 6:00pm Palmerston North 12:00am
Hastings 6:00pm Pukekohe 11:00am
Hastings 6:00pm Tauranga 3:00am
Hastings 6:00pm Wellington 3:00am
Hastings 6:00pm Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Kerikeri 11.30am Auckland 3:00am
Kerikeri 8:00pm Auckland 12:00am
Kerikeri 11.30am Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Kerikeri 11.30am Hamilton 12:00am
Kerikeri 11.30am Hastings 3:00am
Kerikeri 11.30am New Plymouth 3:00am
Kerikeri 11.30am Palmerston North 3:00am
Kerikeri 11.30am Pukekohe 11:00am
Kerikeri 11.30am Tauranga 3:00am
Kerikeri 11.30am Wellington 4:30am
Kerikeri 11.30am Whangarei 4:30am
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Invercargill 5:00pm Christchurch 5:00am
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Nelson 3:30pm Auckland 11:00am
Nelson 7:00pm Christchurch 3:00am
Nelson 1:30pm Christchurch 7:00pm
Palmerston North
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Palmerston North 10:00am Auckland 8:00pm
Palmerston North 3:00pm Auckland 1:00am
Palmerston North 4:00am Christchurch 4:00pm
Palmerston North 4:30pm Hamilton 12:00am
Palmerston North 11:00pm Hastings 1:30am
Palmerston North 4:30pm Kerikeri 9:00am
Palmerston North 11:00pm New Plymouth 2:00am
Palmerston North 3:00pm Pukekohe 3:00am
Palmerston North 4:30pm Tauranga 3:00am
Palmerston North 00:00am Wellington 3:00am
Palmerston North 4:30pm Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Pukekohe 6:15pm Auckland 3:00am
Pukekohe 6:00pm Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Pukekohe 6:00pm Hamilton 12:00am
Pukekohe 6:00pm Hastings 3:00am
Pukekohe 6:15pm Kerikeri 9:00am
Pukekohe 6:00pm New Plymouth 3:00am
Pukekohe 6:00pm Palmerston North 3:00am
Pukekohe 5:30pm Tauranga 3:00am
Pukekohe 6:00pm Wellington 4:30am
Pukekohe 6:15pm Whangarei 4:00am
Origin Departs At Destination Arrives At
Tauranga 6:00pm Auckland 3:00am
Tauranga 6:00pm Christchurch 6:00pm + 1 day
Tauranga 6:00pm Hamilton 12:00am
Tauranga 6:00pm Hastings 3:00am
Tauranga 6:00pm Kerikeri 9:00am
Tauranga 6:00pm New Plymouth 3:00am
Tauranga 6:00pm Palmerston North 3:00am
Tauranga 6:00pm Pukekohe 11:00am
Tauranga 6:00pm Wellington 4:30am
Tauranga 6:00pm Whangarei 4:00am

T&G Transport Careers

If you’re experienced and willing to work as part of our team delivering produce across New Zealand and our cities, then we invite you to discover what it’s like to be part of T&G.