Australians are on the road to accessing more healthy fruit thanks to leading fresh produce grower and marketer, T&G Global.

Despite an increased focus on health and wellness, over 75% of Australians still don’t meet recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables according to a study conducted by Horticulture Innovation Australia*.

The same report highlights having greater access to fruit and vegetable variety could boost consumption. Research by T&G, a major grower and distributor of fresh produce across Australasia, supported this finding.

T&G’s general manager in Australia (domestic), Daniel Waters says T&G identified an opportunity to assist Australian shoppers by making a wider, and more colourful range of fruits easily available to them under a new brand, Orchard Road.

“Orchard Road is a family of fruits packaged and promoted in a fun and engaging way. Consumers can expect a fresh rainbow of fruits to appear over coming months in select stores starting with a summer favourite – Tulare Giant Sugar plums. Berries, kiwifruit and other stone fruit will also be available in the coming weeks,” he says.

“We’re passionate about sharing our rainbow of goodness with everyone; to nourish and help people live healthy, active lives by feeding their bodies, as well as minds, with healthy fruit supported by a bespoke website ( We’ll be providing consumers with tasty titbits of knowledge to help them on the road to better wellbeing through this site and other channels.”

Orchard Road is already in 800 stores across three States – New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria with the range expected to expand further over the coming months.

*Reference: Fruit, vegetables and diet score. April 2017. CSIRO, Horticulture Innovation Australia.