T&G Global staff in Kerikeri and Hastings, New Zealand, dug deep recently for a good cause.

Around 70 staff from T&G swapped the planting of vegetables and fruit trees for more than 1400 native plants at two of its orchards.

At T&G’s Kapiro Orchard in Kerikeri, staff spent the day planting 800 native trees and plants alongside a stream that runs through the orchard and connects to the Rangitane River. Flax, karo, pokaka, wineberry, shore ribbonwood and putaputaweta now line the stream setting the scene for a much healthier environment.

T&G’s sustainability spokesperson, Lissy Fehnker says over time the plants will improve the overall health of the waterway, help minimise erosion by strengthening the stream’s banks and minimise nutrient runoff from on-land activities.

Sustainable Coastlines supported both the Kerikeri and Hastings plantings. CEO Sam Judd says, “The planting helps create habitat for native birds to thrive and clean up the air we breathe. This type of planting is vitally needed if we are going to protect water which we all need for business, recreation and health. I take my hat off to the staff and management at T&G for getting involved.”

The planting at T&G’s Rosewood Orchard near Hastings also had the support of Hawkes Bay Regional Council and saw 600 natives including Solander’s hedge, cabbage trees, mountain flax and ribbonwood planted alongside a 300-metre stretch of a waterway which feeds into Karamū Stream.

“The planting is just one example of T&G’s commitment to biodiversity,” explains Lissy, “and a tangible way for us to support the health of waterways on the land we operate on. We’re really looking forward to seeing the plants and streams flourish over the coming years and hugely grateful to everyone that pitched in.”