T&G Global is making its move into the sizeable global grape category under its Orchard Rd brand, with the launch of the first grapes into South East Asia this month.

The company will provide global customers with high quality, year-round premium grapes sourced through select T&G estates around the world.

CEO of T&G Global, Gareth Edgecombe says the company has been working closely with growers from the USA, Peru, Chile and Australia for several years, trading under various brands across several markets, but T&G is ready to catapult its success in sales and marketing, to the next level.

T&G is looking to replicate the global success of their premium apple brands Envy™, JAZZ™ and take on the grape category, a top five fruit category in the world, with their successful Orchard Rd brand.

“We will leverage our global T&G sales network, utilise the relationships we have built up via our premium apple business, enhance our QC processes in farm and in-market, optimise the worldwide supply chain and invest in marketing, all to differentiate ourselves in the crowded grape marketplace,” Edgecombe says.

Along with growers in South America and Australia, the company is partnering with four reputable, high calibre growers in the West Coast of the USA, selecting only market leading growers who can deliver the highest quality fruit.

“Being a stakeholder in growing operations in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres means we can deliver consistency in premium quality grapes and can supply year-round,” he says.

Orchard Rd grapes are appearing in retail stores throughout South East Asia including Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia as wells as Australia, NZ, Fiji, Korea, and Japan, and soon China.

The Orchard Rd brand was launched in 2018 in Australia (grapes, berries and Kiwifruit) with strong sales and brand recognition achieved in supermarkets across the country. The colourful branding and attractive packaging appeals to consumers who strive to live a healthy lifestyle and parents passionate about giving their children the best start in life, through ‘eating colourfully’ and enjoying everything life has to offer.

With a recently strengthened in-market sales team in China, a newly opened office in Vietnam and further Asian offices planned, the sales and service footprint for T&G Global are rapidly strengthening. Brightly branded point of sale and packaging, along with extensive sampling campaigns will be features of the significant Orchard Rd marketing activations.

Edgecombe says the company is set to grow their global premium branded grape sales substantially over the coming years.