T&G was singled out as a top performer in the newly released Colmar Brunton report  Better Futures Report

The report is an annual survey of attitudes towards sustainability and highlights the value New Zealanders place on their natural environment. In the report, T&G was identified as a brand which is a leader in Sustainability.

2018 saw T&G introduce new cardboard punnets for their Beekist® tomato brand, removing 5.5 million plastic punnets from supermarket shelves or 100 tonnes less plastic that Kiwis take home every year.

The survey showed that public concern surrounding plastics use, water and climate change have all continued to increase. The highest rated environmental concern is plastic waste – 72% of those surveyed are concerned about this issue, which is an increase of 9 points.

Of the 1000 people included in the study, 68% named T&G as a brand which is a leader in Sustainability (when prompted).

Other notable findings:

    • 86% agree ‘it is important for me to work for a company that is socially and environmentally responsible’
    • 90% agree ‘if I heard about a company being irresponsible or unethical, I’d stop buying their products and services’
    • 83% agree ‘the way businesses talk about their social and environmental commitments is confusing’