JAZZ JuniorsSay goodbye to slicing and dicing apples, we’ve introduced a new superhero of the school lunchbox, and it’s naturally small and mighty good!

Grown in Nelson, Hawke’s Bay, and Otago, JAZZ™ Juniors is the latest genius to join the JAZZ™ apple family. The little apple is perfect for little hands and makes a healthy addition to school lunchboxes.

A Kiwi innovation, JAZZ™ apples have become not only a Kiwi favourite, but an international sensation. They are now eaten in 60 countries, were voted UK’s tastiest apple in 2018 and are among the top five premium apples in the world.

“Families are always on the look-out for a convenient, bite-sized, naturally healthy addition to their kids lunchboxes, and these smaller apples are just the answer,” says Andrew Keaney, Managing Director NZ Produce for T&G Global, “We’re thrilled to be welcoming another member to the JAZZ™ apple family, providing more choice for consumers.”

With a family of fun apple characters on the JAZZ™ Juniors packaging and downloadable activity sheets on the website, Aporo (it’s the Maori word for apple), Tuiti (means little fruit in Maori) and Jazmin will keep the kids entertained while they enjoy the tasty JAZZ™ sensation.

All JAZZ™ apples keep exceptionally well when they are kept in the fridge, staying deliciously fresh and crunchy for longer.

They’re available now in the apple aisle of Countdown supermarket, Visit jazzapple.com to learn more.